Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jolify Your Body Hunt Begins

And the hunt begins.

18 stops. Most of the gifts are out and ready but some aren't set for sale yet there are only few.

Locations & Hints :: Here
Will update the list as they get fixed.

Hope everyone enjoys it.

Happy Holidays.

Newify Your Body still accepting applications until Dec 22nd
This hunt is mainly for mesh bodies, hands and feet. Either it be Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, etc bodies. As long your items needs an applier like omega to put it on then you are qualified for this hunt.

**Please Note**

- - Items MUST be able to be applied for a mesh body, hands, feet, head, etc. If your item only cater to classic avatars that don't use appliers to be added then you are not qualified for this hunt.
- - Mesh outfits in just standard sizes DO NOT count UNLESS there are ones designed for mesh bodies as well. Doesn't have to be all mesh bodies at least one of them to count to be in hunt.

Not trying to be a pain here just don't know how to explain it better. This is a hunt for mesh bodies and things that can be worn on them.

Application Here :: Here

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