Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer-fy Your Body Applications....

Posting these early the weather is kind of iffy right now so going to get these out before the electricity goes out or something.

Hunt Information

Summer-fy Your Body Hunt
This is a 0L Hunt
The theme is summer is tan lines, swim suits, summer outfit, anything summery will be just fine. 
Application deadline is June 19th
Hunt Objects will start going out Monday, June 22nd
Hunt Starts  July 1st 
Ends July 31st
Hunt Object : Image of a palm tree
Flickr ::
Send to :: Mirandaaaaaa resident but please leave it in her mailbox    >> Here <<
Putting it in mailbox will insure I get it. Seems not all NCs have been going through lately.

***This hunt is for mesh bodies, hands and feet. Either it be Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, etc bodies. As long your items needs an applier like omega to put it on then you are qualified for this hunt. Mesh outfits don't count UNLESS they are designed just for a mesh body. Shoes, nail polish, tattoos are also most welcome for the mesh hands and feet out there.**

If you're a hunter and interested in keeping up to date please join the hunters group here....

Summer-fy Your Hunt is the second hunt brought by Apply Your Body. It's a hunt mainly for those lovely mesh bodies, slink hands, feet, and even faces. If it can be applied then it belongs in this hunt.

No one gets turned away from this hunt so all new, and old, creators are welcome to join in.

Blogger reviews can go out whenever you have them made. Through group or personally. It's up to you. Everyone in the group can send notices.

Hints & Pictures ( pics are optional ) turned in no later then Saturday, June 28th

Walk through will be the day before the hunt starts so all objects needs to be in it's hiding spot by then.

If any changes are made everyone will be notified as soon as possible. Any questions? Please send a NC to Miranda Sparks but prefer to put them in my mailbox at my SL Linden home since SL has a habit of not always going through ... My Mailbox

Creator's Application

Please leave your application in my mailbox at my SL home

Subject of NC  ::       NAME >> SUMMER-FY APP >> Store Name

- - Name Of Person to Contact >> 
- - Stores Name >> 
- - Store Logo >> 
- - Store LM >> 
- - Items Sold There >> 
- - Are you able to join a group >>  ( alts are ok. please add name's )
- - If you have a blog or Flickr please add the links here >> 

Bloggers Application

Please leave your application in my mailbox at my SL home

Subject of NC  ::    NAME >> Summer-fy Blogger APP

- - Name >> 
- - Blog Name >> 
- - Calling Card >> (can be found under calling cards in inventory)
- - Blog URL >> 
- - Flickr >> ( if you have one )
- - Able to join group >> 
- - Type of Body you have >> (Slink, TMP, Maitreya, also hands & feet)

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